C450-17 PV Module Testing Protocol for Quality Assurance Programs


A testing protocol built for the PV sector by the PV sector.


Under the auspices of CSA Group, CFV Solar has participated with a broad array of PV sector stakeholders to create the C450-17 Testing Protocol.

PV module manufacturers conduct mandatory safety and qualification testing to a number of standards. As a best practice, many manufacturers choose to conduct extended reliability testing beyond the minimum requirements. The varied approaches to this extended testing, however, generate redundant data,  in incomparable formats. This results in driving up the cost of PV module manufacturing — costs that are felt by the industry as a whole.

The goal of C450 is to create a single, standardized extended test protocol for the benefit of the sector, helping save time and money as well as providing a standardized testing protocol. CSA Group is actively working on gaining an ANSI standard (C450) for the testing protocol.

For more information about testing with CFV Solar now to C450, contact us at or (505) 998-0100.

  • 17 Aug, 2017
  • CFVSolar

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