CFV Solar Test Laboratory Announces PANOpt®

Proprietary PAN File Optimization Software Leverages CFV’s Complete Portfolio of Performance Testing Services

CFV’s new proprietary PANOpt® software enables precise optimization of PAN files for manufacturers of all types of PV module technologies (c-Si, a-Si, CdTe, CIGS), improving simulated yield estimates from PVSyst and other PV modeling software. PANOpt®, when combined with CFV’s A+/A+/A+ rated h.a.l.m. flasher with integrated temperature controlled chamber, enables PAN file generation to unparalleled accuracy. CFV is offering PANOpt® as an in-house service to all performance testing customers starting immediately.

PANOpt® is a proprietary Python based optimizer developed by CFV to optimize single diode model parameters used in power plant yield simulation programs like PVsyst, SAM, HelioScope and others. The software is built on top of single diode model code in PVLIB, Sandia’s PV performance modeling toolkit.  PANOpt® starts with temperature and irradiance flasher data generated according to IEC 61853-1, with irradiances from 100 w/m2 to 1100 w/m2 and temperatures ranging from 15° C-75° C. The five single diode model parameters are then simultaneously optimized to fit the 61853 data and minimize differences between measured data and modeled data. The process is completely automatic and has no manual intervention, guaranteeing optimal results. Performance data from tested modules can also be scaled to generate PAN files from modules with power classes within +/-5%.

PANOpt® is able to optimize parameters for the single diode model including recombination current in PVsyst. This allows module technologies like a-Si, CdTe and CIGS to be effectively modeled with low residual errors. PANOpt® is also able to fit model parameters while weighting different entries in the 61853 matrix according to estimated importance to yield calculation. This opens up the possibility of optimal PAN files for difficult to fit module technologies and custom, site-specific PAN files with minimized yield estimation errors.

CFV has also partnered with Sandia National Laboratories to develop highly accurate Incident Angle Modifier (IAM) testing outdoors in Albuquerque, New Mexico. These IAM test results can also be incorporated in PAN files, further increasing yield estimate accuracy. CFV is a world class provider of Sandia Array Performance Model (SAPM) coefficient estimates, with testing carried out both indoors and outdoors.

  • 13 Jan, 2017
  • Kathleen Connors

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