Customer Satisfaction High at CFV

CFV Solar is constantly looking for ways to improve our customer service and testing processes. Periodically, however, we do examine what we’re doing right… to see if we can do it even better.

At the completion of each order, we request feedback from our customers via a survey, and we consistently hear that we are meeting, and often exceeding, customer expectations. Here’s what we’ve been told so far in 2017:

  • The communication and feedback was far above what I’ve received from your competitors.
  • CFV is the best lab I have worked with.
  • CFV is the most responsive lab among your peers.
  • I’d like to thank you guys as we received very good support from all of you. It’s really important to us. I hope we can work together again very soon.
  • Very nice lead time for testing. It’s a very nice strength point.
  • 9 Jun, 2017
  • CFVSolar

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