Indoor Testing

Indoor Testing


Indoor Measurement Equipment:

  • Class AAA+ rated flash simulator
  • Module sizes up to 2.1m x 1.4m
  • Climate controlled environment
  • Integrated temperature chamber for precise performance measurements at different temperatures
  • Variable irradiance from 100 to 1100 W/m2
  • Variable light pulse from 20 to 50ms
  • Ability to test high capacitance modules
  • PTB primary reference cells with low uncertainty
  • QC-program with round-robin testing with Fraunhofer ISE, CalLab and Fraunhofer CSE
  • Low measurement uncertainty
  • Electroluminescence and infra-red imaging capability
Mechanical Load Tester

Mechanical Load Tester

Measurement Services:

  • Performance at STC, NOCT and low irradiance
  • Temperature coefficient determination
  • Performance and Energy Rating per IEC 61853
  • Name plate verification for power plants
  • Measurement of thin-film modules
  • Spectral mismatch calculation and correction
  • Measurement of high-capacitive modules with long flash times or sectional I-V curves
  • Dark-IV measurements
  • Performance comparison indoor versus outdoor
  • Input data verification for performance models (PVSyst, SAM, Sandia, etc.)
  • California Energy Commission (CEC) measurements
  • Custom performance measurements, statistical evaluation and failure analysis
Large UV Test Chamber

Large UV Test Chamber