Test Services

Test Services

CFV provides product certification testing and non-certification testing services for flat-plate (c-Si), thin-film, building integrated (BIPV) and concentrating photovoltaic (CPV) modules.

Global product certification is easy with CFV. Its international partners VDE and CSA help CFV bridge the gap between PV certification standards in America, Europe and Asia.  CFV provides combined test programs that fulfill the requirements of ANSI/UL, IEC and SCC/CSA.

CFV is accredited by A2LA  (an ILAC member) as an IEC/ISO 17025 test laboratory. It is listed by the California Energy Commission (CEC) and additionally accredited by CSA Group and VDE Institute as a certified sub-contractor within their respective TDAP, CBTL and NRTL schemes.

CFV also provides test services well beyond certification; such as performance measurements and energy ratings, quality assurance test programs to verify the performance of modules, reliability testing to support bankability, comparative studies to select the best product or technology for a given task, and more.

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