CPV Testing and Certifications

CPV Product Certifications

Product certifications for CPV (Concentrator Photovoltaics) are a specialty of CFV Solar Test Lab. Very few test labs can provide this service. Together with CSA and VDE, testing to both UL Outline 8703 and the two IEC requirements IEC 62108 (product qualification) and IEC 62688 (safety draft) can be provided to customers in combined test programs.

The test times at CFV Solar are shorter than most other test laboratories due to the high irradiance in Albuquerque, NM and the fast climate chambers for thermal cycling.

Irradiance - Time Graph
Test time to achieve 1000 kWh/m2 irradiance at different locations

CFV’s experience with testing CPV modules, together with the location advantage in the Southwest with excellent irradiance conditions, the two precision two-axis trackers from Soitec, and large climate chambers designed for CPV testing, make CFV one of the premier CPV testing labs world-wide. Very few other test labs can offer similar services for CPV testing.

CPV manufacturers utilize CFV on the non-certification side for performance evaluations of their modules, to generate reference modules for production, reliability testing for pre-certification in the large climate and damp heat chambers, and other tests such as MLT or hail tests.