CSA Product Certifications for PV

CSA Product Certifications for PV Modules per CSA and ANSI/UL 1703 Standards

CSA is accredited to provide product certifications for PV modules (CSA 61730-1 and -2, ANSI/UL 1703), CPV modules (UL Outline 8703), racking systems (UL Outline 2703), inverters (CSA 107.1, UL 1741), and other related products. In addition, CSA has CB accreditation pending.

CFV Solar Test Laboratory conducts the majority of the testing for module certifications as a subcontractor to CSA, as well as some of the testing to UL Outline 2703 racking system certification. CSA can provide field inspection services on prototype PV systems for electrical safety, thus not requiring full product certification for new systems.

CSA and VDE have a cooperation agreement allowing them to accept each other’s test results. This enables combined tests to be conducted by CFV Solar that simultaneously test for conformance to CSA, UL and IEC standards. Manufacturers benefit from the saved time and costs of running combined test programs and receiving worldwide accepted certifications.