Why test with CFV?

Why is it important to test solar technology with CFV?
CFV is a state-of-the-art test laboratory that delivers only the highest quality test results.
  • Advanced test equipment, some of it unique in North America
  • Involved with research organizations (Fraunhofer, NREL, Sandia National Laboratories)
  • Highly qualified personnel with a deep technology background
  • Experienced in statistical data analysis

Benefits for PV manufacturers:

  • Assess likelihood that modules can fulfill guaranteed performance and are likely to last for the warranty period of 10, 20, 25, … years
  • Verify that cost reductions do not impact quality or performance
  • Pre-test prototypes and components before subjecting finished modules to extensive certification or comparison tests

Benefits for bankers/developers/installers:

  • Compare modules and find the best suited ones for a planned installation site and operating conditions
  • Verify manufacturer performance and warranty values and ensure ROI for a project
  • Quality Control:  Ensure that even the 10,000th module coming out of production is as good as the 1st
CFV works with customers to develop reliability test programs with purpose:
  • To ensure our customers’ confidence  => verify the warranty risks
  • To ensure others’ confidence  => improve bankability
  • To keep test times and costs as low as reasonably possible